Classical style metal buildings are best known for the distinctive rounded corners at the roofline, and all sheet metal runs in a standard horizontal direction. Perfect for carports, RV covers, and sheds, and very economical!

Add options to close the sides, ends, and extra leg height. Add accessories to complete your look and function with walk-in doors, garage roll-up doors, windows, and more.


The steel-framed structures’ roof runs in a vertical direction, which helps in keeping it clean. On the other hand, the sheet metal for the sides and ends run in a horizontal direction, which creates a more economical building.

This style is the baseline model for a more upgraded look for both your residential and commercial building needs. Additionally, it is helpful to note that the vertical roof direction allows for the skylight accessory.


Let us know how one our barns can serve your purpose we like to know what you invasion and can help with our expertise in Customizing you ideal Western Castle. Here we understand that your home is your Castle and a barn can serve several purpose such as but not limited; Stables, Hay Storage, Stables, Farm Equipment and protection for Livestock from mother nature “rain, snow, high winds, extreme Texas heat”.

RV Covers

Either for recreational use or out on the lease a durable RV or Camper Cover is an investment you will never regret. Our Different styles allows you to determine what best meets your needs depending on the use and geographical layout of the land. RV covers are most common in our Classical Style but can also be constructed in Boxed Eave Horizontal Style Roof or traditional Vertical. All three roof options can accommodate for
lean-to’s; Fully enclosed, Storage combo or roof only to be attached on sides for extra storage or protection from the elements.

Combo Units

The double truss frame is unique to our company’s triple-wide building style and can be seen in the interior top truss of the roof framework. Additionally, heavy-duty square tubing is used for the structure’s corner bracing.

When we construct a combo unit, it will have a width of 26′ to 30′ and a roof in 29-gauge sheet metal. Know that our team also gives you the option to enclose the sides and ends of your unit as well as change the leg height.

Loafing Sheds

For extra safety we also offer 3/4″ treated plywood Kick-Walls reinforced by steel with steel framing as and option to consider. Tack rooms can be easily incorporated to your Loafing shed depending on your needs and primary use.

For smaller livestock such as sheep or goats which are not as territorial or rough natured that many times the bottom rail and leg polls will not hinder their path getting in and out of shelter from the elements. Let us know your intended use and rest assured Castle Metal Buildings, Inc understands that livestock is a way of life & business and will always suggest the best option for you.

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