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We have Trailers for Sale in the Texas Hill Country, but we serve a Larger Area including, outside of the state! We’re worth the drive because of our Quality and our Pricing! We’re trailer experts so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, call us and we’ll help!

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We’re the #1 Trailer Dealer Near You, Serving New Braunfels, San Marcos, Seguin, and More!

Trailer Dealer San Antonio

Whether you’re shopping for a Utility Trailer, Enclosed Cargo Trailer, Equipment Trailer, Car Hauler, Tilt-Deck Trailers, Dump Trailers, Landscape Trailer, or a Gooseneck Trailer, we’ve got what you need.  We stock most models and they’re ready for immediate pick-up. If you’re not sure what you need, our Trailer Sales Consultants are experts and can help to guide you so that you can make the right decisions when choosing your perfect trailer.

We offer Trailer Financing at an excellent rate for qualified buyers with excellent credit scores.

If you’re like most people today, you have less-than-perfect credit. That’s not a problem! We’ve got a great “Rent-To-Own” Program where there’s NO CREDIT CHECK, Instant Qualification and nearly everyone qualifies. You only need your first month’s payment and a security deposit that’s equivalent to another month’s payment.  This makes getting your trailer AFFORDABLE FOR ANYONE!

Rent to Own Trailers San Marcos, New Braunfels, Seguin

Some of our best-selling trailers are enclosed trailers because they keep things secure, out of sight, and protected from the elements. Commonly called Cargo Trailers or Enclosed Trailers, they are even versatile enough to be converted into campers for the adventure-minded. The Utility Trailer is the workhorse that many people buy. They are basic, and some have fold-down tailgates, ramps, and various options. Utility trailers are very affordable and so durable that you’ll run them for years and years. They work well for a landscape trailer, small equipment hauler, construction materials, and more. They are available in various sizes so that they can be pulled by your mini-pickup or behind your dump truck. Car Hauler Trailers can not only haul cars but most anything on wheels and they can also be used for materials hauling. Oil Field Trailers are also quite popular, albeit only in the oil industry. However, we’ve got them in stock and ready for pickup.

Trailer Buying Tips

What’s the number one thing that Trailer buyers say after owning a trailer for a while? They wish they would have bought one that was longer! Our suggestion to anyone searching for “trailers for sale near me”, would be to buy one a little longer than you think you’ll need because you’ll need it! Don’t “short” yourself!

Also, you should make sure that your trailer can haul a payload that’s more than what you will normally haul because someday, you’ll find yourself overloaded.

When buying Enclosed Trailers, make sure to test before you buy. Place everything that you plan to haul inside of it on your driveway, but inside of the width of the Enclosed Trailers. Once you have it all there, measure the length that the stuff is taking up and then follow tip number 1.

Buying a Workhorse, The Utility Trailer

This commonly referred to as a landscape trailer, has low side rails and a gate that doubles as a ramp. It’s a great tool for getting larger items transported. The do-it-all trailer for businesses, homeowners, landscapers, contractors, and more. Use it to haul anything from building materials to ATVs and motorcycles! The Swiss Army Knife of trailers.

Start a Business with a Dump Trailer.

Did you know that you can make a full-time income that can replace your job, simply by owning a Dump Trailer and hauling stuff for people? Haul away debris, garage clean out, building materials, and more. Buy your dump trailer with our rent-to-own trailer program and put money in your pocket every week by providing a needed service.

When deciding on which trailer is best for you, you need to know exactly what you are going to do with your utility trailer, and what you’ll haul on it. Maybe a tractor, lumber, or construction materials, or it may be a wide variety of things. You only need to know how heavy your loads are going to be and roughly how they’ll be positioned on your trailer.  Below is a list and description of our selection of trailers.

trailers for sale san marcos, boerne, san antonio

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Cargo trailers for sale near San Marcos

Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Enclosed Trailers are commonly used to haul recreational items, big boys’ toys, camping gear, and tools, and some have even converted theirs into living quarters on wheels. Our Cargo Trailers are strong, built right, and priced even better! You can’t go wrong with our Cargo Trailers or Enclosed Trailers.

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Dump trailers for sale near me Seguin

Dump Trailers

Our Dump Trailers have become popular because they are versatile, haul a large payload, allow you to tow with a pick-up truck, and can offer you a money-making opportunity. Start a hauling business, let us show you how!

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Utility Trailers New Braunfels

Utility Trailers

Our Utility Trailers are the workhorses that most people buy. They are basic, some have fold-down tailgates, ramps, and various options. Utility trailers are very affordable and so durable that you’ll run them for years and years. They work well for a landscape trailer, small equipment hauler, construction materials, and more. Use it to haul anything from building materials to ATVs and motorcycles! The Swiss Army Knife of trailers. They are available in various sizes so that they can be pulled behind your mini-pickup or your dump truck.

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We’ve Got The Trailer For You!

Got Questions? Can’t Decide Which Trailer is Best For Your Needs? What About Financing? Rent-To-Own Trailers?

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Trailer Dealer San Antonio
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Landscape Trailers New Braunfels

Landscape Trailers

Our landscape trailer has racks/bins to stow your string trimmers and gas cans. Some sizes offer both rear and side ramps. The do-it-all trailer for landscape businesses, contractors, and more. Use it to haul your lawn maintenance equipment and anything from building materials to ATVs and motorcycles!

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Oil Field Trailers Large Dominion TX

Oil Field Trailers

Some of these types when it comes to choosing the best oilfield trailers include oilfield floats, oilfield lowboys, detachable neck trailers, folding neck trailers, and trailer mounted rigs. Along with our normal products, our oilfield trailers design team has assisted in the creation of some of the most ground-breaking goods our industry has ever seen.

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Thrash Trailers San Geronimo TX

Trash Trailers

Get a trailer from Double L Trailers and spare your personal vehicles from the odor and slime of your waste rather than lugging it to the dump in the rear of your truck or SUV. Our utility and landscaping trailers are reasonably priced and offered in a variety of sizes.

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Car hauler trailer New Braunfels

Car Hauler Trailers

Whether you’re transporting a classic car for restoration, hauling your prized possession to the car show, or an old heap to the scrap yard, our car haulers are built to do the job, and do it well! Check out our Car Hauler Trailers Here.

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Tilt trailers New Braunfels

Tilt Trailers

The loading and unloading of motorized equipment and cargo is made simple with Tilt-Deck Trailer. While clever deck designs minimize load angle, hydraulic cylinders ensure stable and smooth tilt rates. We provide Tilt-Deck Trailer with capacities ranging from 5,200 to 28,000 pounds in a variety of configurations, including single axles, goosenecks, powered tilts, triple axes, and more.

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Trailer Dealer San Antonio

Rent To Own Trailers

Need a trailer but you’re short on cash? Maybe you’re like most of us and your credit isn’t the best. No worries, we’ve got you covered, there’s no credit check and all you need is a valid driver’s license.

Let’s face it, we’re living in unstable times and all of us could stand to earn a little more money. The good thing is, that if you own a pick-up truck, you can use it to pull a trailer and run a hauling business. Use our Rent To Own Trailer program to get started earning as much money as you want, to haul away people’s stuff. Ask us for details!

Utility Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, New Braunfels, San Marcos

Trailer Fact:

Did you know that a trailer load can be 102 inches wide, and 14 feet high in Texas?

Trailer Tips:

How do you determine how heavy a load you can carry on your trailer?

Trailers are typically either single axles or tandem axles, meaning that there are 2 axles, one in front of the other. The axles are a determinant of the trailer’s ability to carry weight.  A single-axle trailer with a 3500 lbs. GVWR doesn’t mean that the trailer will haul 3500 lbs., it means that you need to subtract the weight of the trailer itself to get to your actual payload capabilities.  If you’ve got two, 3500 lbs. axles in tandem, you would have a GVWR of 7000 lbs. and if your trailer weighed 1000 lbs. then you could theoretically carry 6000 lbs. of payload.

Trailer Ramps

If you’re going to haul a car, tractor, ATV, motorcycle, etc., you’ll want ramps. Some heavy ramps are spring assisted, and even though it’s very heavy, the spring helps to eliminate some of the strain of picking it up, to the point that you may only need 2 fingers. Most trailer ramps either fold up or store under the deck.

Side Support

Some trailers come with stake pockets, and depending on what you’re hauling, they can be very helpful.


Typically, trailers have electric brakes, and some have their electric brakes on just one axle, while others have them on both tandem axles. For lighter loads, a trailer with brakes on just a single axle is sufficient, provided that you stay within its limitations. If you’re hauling a heavier payload on your trailer, then you better have some good brakes on all four wheels. Heavy loads are not only harder to pull, but those loads are much harder to stop because they are pushing your vehicle forward.

Trailer Hitch

The hitch is one of the most important parts of your trailer. On many utility trailers, landscape trailers, cargo trailers, Oil Field Trailers, car hauler trailers, etc., a 2 – 5/16” ram-coupler is used. They are common and work well. Safety chains are required, and you need to have load-appropriate chains for the size of the trailer.

On heavy-duty trailers, you’ll likely find a gooseneck hitch.  This requires a special ball hitch placed in the bed of the truck. This is not the same as a 5th Wheel hitch, which has something like the one on the back of a semi-tractor, that connects to their trailer via a kingpin and a plate.

Don’t Forget These Popular Trailers!

Landscape Trailer

These Landscape Trailers are a landscaper’s dream because they provide a quality trailer that hauls all your equipment, giving you protection and space, all at a very affordable price. Check these out and see for yourself!

Gooseneck Trailer

Prefer a Gooseneck Trailer, we’ve got you covered! Not only do we have great prices, but we’ve got the right sizes too, so give us a call, and let’s talk about your needs and how we can help to meet those needs!

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